SPINAL TAP: Indianapolis

Owner Jim Irsay’s taking the lead, shaking up the front office and roster from top to bottom.  Andrew Luck is expected to form a solid foundation for the new rhythm section.  Front man Peyton Manning may be offering his lead vocals elsewhere.  And new band manager Rob Lowe has great expectations for all.


One thought on “SPINAL TAP: Indianapolis

  1. Tao falando q o time pode matner o Caldwell e dispensar Manning! WTF!!!Se Manning tiver consie7f5es fedsicas, ele sere1 o titular. Luck pode ser o melhor QB da histf3ria da NCAA (nem de longe ele e9) mas ele ainda e9 apenas uma promessa. Pode ou ne3o ser bom na NFL. Peyton e9 uma realidade. O Colts tem tem ate9 mare7o pra decidir o futuro de Manning. Oremos.

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