Young Point Guard Debate

Jeremy Lin may not be a rookie, but in his first substantial playing time in the league he has lit up the NBA.  He’s not the only young Point Guard shredding the league these days.  Ricky Rubio has emerged in Minnesota as a Messi-like magician, turning the parquee into his own personal midfield.  Kemba Walker is trying to rejuvenate the always floundering Charlotte Bobcats franchise with the brand of energy and enthusiasm that brought UConn a National Championship last year.  And Kyrie Irving made everyone else on this Mt. Rushmore of young PGs look foolish and overmatched in this past weekend’s Rising Stars game (not to mention dismissing all the naysayers who insisted Derrick Williams should have been the #1 pick in the NBA draft last year).

And we have not even mentioned John Wall, Jrue Holliday, Norris Cole, Kyle Lowry, or even Glen Falls, NY’s Jimmer Fredette (still emerging).  The NBA is overflowing with young Point Guard talent beyond the likes of established (but, still young!) vets like Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, and Deron Williams.

If you’re a GM and can pick one Under-25 PG to build around, who you taking??


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