NFL’s New “Williams Wall”

By David Hauser

For the past half decade the Vikings defense has been a nightmare matchup for Offensive Coordiantors to scheme for because of the impenetrable defensive line Minnesota assembled.  The Vikings’ Pat Williams and Kevin Williams formed what NFL diehards coined “The Williams Wall.”  This pair led a defense that did not allow a 100 yard rusher for virtually three straight seasons (allowing opponents only 68.5 rushing yards per game over this stretch).  However, Pat Williams aged and left the team in 2010.  Kevin Williams remains with the Vikings, but the Williams Wall has come down.

There is a new “Williams Wall” in the NFL these days.  With the signing of “Super Mario” Williams, the Buffalo Bills are paring arguably the most complete defensive end in football with their already stout interior defensive lineman.  Most notably, All-Pro defensive tackle Kyle Williams will line up next to Mario Williams on the d-line for the 2012 Buffalo Bills this fall.  This new Williams Wall, along with standout Alabama second year defensive tackle Marcell Dareus, form the most fearsome defensive wall seen in the NFL in some time.  This new “Williams Wall” gives the hungry fans of Western New York something of a proud foundation to once again stand upon.


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