Memes and Socio-Political Cartoons

12/03/12- By David Hauser

10/10/12- By David Hauser

Desert Revival

10/03/12- By David Hauser

Cutler petulance

09/14/12- By David Hauser

Thursday Night Slopfest

08/24/12- By David Hauser


08/01/12- By David Hauser

Mike Trout SP Star Power

06/11/12- By Adam Gavin


03/29/12- By David Hauser

Dodgers 2 Billion_edited-1

03/21/12- By David Hauser

03/19/12- By David Hauser

03/15/12- By David Hauser

03/14/12- By David Hauser

02/27/12- By Adam Gavin

1st and 2nd year PGs are saturating the NBA these days with young PG talent

02/26/12- By Adam Gavin

02/23/12 – By David Hauser

Shhhhhhhhocking…it would appear we have virtually two mutually exclusive viewing audiences

02/22/12- By David Hauser (with help from A.G.)

Magicians at Work: the All-Star Weekend Sideshow

02/22/12- By Adam Gavin

The hills may be alive in the plains of Oklahoma, but are most certainly not in Portland at the sound of yet another Oden season-ending injury

02/21/12- by Adam Gavin

02/21/12- by Adam Gavin

Manny-Petty signs up for a new team, some fresh news buzz, and manny more $$$


One thought on “Memes and Socio-Political Cartoons

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that this site has such a passe9 scene. The only thing that i like is that it has 3 dnfiereft flavors. It would of helped if they had chosen to make it a Mexican style wrestling match so the masks would of hiden the faces of this guys. I will never undersand the appeal Diesel has, he is not a hansome man, he doesn’t have the best body (next to Deangelo Jackson or Nubias you can see what i’m talking about) and his dick is not gargantuan, a nice size but not so to justify his short comings in other physical aspects(in porn a big dick usualy makes up for bad looks). The way Diesel is wearing that cap is ridiculous, why wear it like if you are a child when you are a grown man. Steven ponce is a no for me and Alexander’s looks are going down hill. I wonder why they stayed with their tennis on, is it because their feet stink?

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