Our Jerry Maguire Moment

Mission Statement

“The most interesting mysteries lie at the intersection of disciplines. The increasing complexity of human knowledge, coupled with the escalating difficulty of the remaining scientific questions, means that people must work together or fail alone.” – Jonah Lehrer

Our Mission: Integrating and synthesizing stuff, namely sports and pop culture with a psychological bent.

Say what you want about the likes of LeBron James or Kim Kardashian, but our society is fascinated by them.  They are as representative of American culture as apple pie or Saved by the Bell.

We say, do not dismiss the contributions of regular season baseball or reality television as significant conversations within the national discourse.  If this is what our nation gravitates toward at this moment in time, do not simply reject it for its shallowness.  Instead, study these topics for the nuances of what they say about who we are as a people.

And don’t feed us the whole “I hollowed out my television to make a fish bowl” washed out and cliché argument.  We live in the golden age of television.  If you’re not actively consuming Mad Men, Breaking Bad…then dare I say you are a fool, kind sir (or madam).

So let us stop talking falsely now and begin to actually converse about all that we consume and be proud of it.  Come join us and let’s all have an honest and substantive dialog about sports and culture.


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