David Hauser, Editor

David Hauser, PhD, is a writer at the intersection of psychology, sports, and culture.  His psychotherapy practice at The Family Institute in Evanston/Chicago, IL is focused on working with families, couples, and individuals to better understand and heal relationships.  He also lectures in the Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program at Northwestern University.  Follow on twitter/instagram @HeadieSports

Adam Gavin, Feature Content Creator

I am a mason and a pseudo-luddite who hails from the eastern foothills of the Tobacco Valley in Eastern Connecticut.  When not building fireplaces, I read contemporary fiction and try to start Alice in Chains / Black Crowes cover bands.  Other activities that make me warm and fuzzy inside include gambling in moderation, watching Jeopardy, espousing thinly veiled hypocrisy, and trying to wrap my head around the great corporate jack-off that is modern America.

Hate mail may be sent to me via twitter or electronic mail at: @adamgavin1  or

David Berlin, Feature Content Creator

I am a third-year student at Penn State, Dickinson School of Law. Rather than worrying about passing the Bar and getting a job 100 percent of the time, I thought I would keep a little bit of sanity by contributing to Headie Sports. Before I sold out to attend law school I worked for the San Diego Union-Tribune for three-and-a-half years where I wrote for the business, metro, and arts & entertainments sections. I also received my undergraduate degree from The George Washington University with a major in political science and a minor in journalism.

I’m a Philadelphia-area native and I’ll tell you ahead of time that I have a major Philly sports bias – which means if you’re from a city like Boston, New York, Dallas, etc, I probably don’t like you before I’ve even met you.

Feel free to contact me at: @BerlinDavidA or


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